Help DYS Fundraise!

Following up the successes from last year’s fundraiser, we are working with HundredX surveys again to fundraise for Dedham Youth Soccer. Money raised will go toward new equipment, scholarships, tournament fees, events, etc…

Last year we were able to meet our goals and this year we are hoping to raise even more. Here's how it works: Now through March 15, 2022, each time you share a quality brand opinion with HundredX, $1.20 goes towards Dedham Youth Soccer! You can personally create up to $90 of value (by giving 75 pieces of feedback). Imagine that.. you can raise $90 for the club without having to buy anything !!!

Sign up here TODAY… Online through this link: or Text “TEAM” to 90412 on their phones

IMPORTANT: Select Dedham Youth Soccer in the signup form.

P.S. When you join the campaign on behalf of our club, your personal information is not sold or shared to any third parties. During the campaign, you will receive reminders from HundredX to submit feedback for the club. You may opt out at any time.