BAYS Respect Campaign

BAYS is launching the RESPECT Campaign this Spring. We ask that all in the BAYS community join together to help us make the youth soccer experience the best it can be for all of our players, coaches, referees, clubs, parents, and fans.

The philosophy of BAYS is to provide an atmosphere of good sportsmanship to encourage all to compete, learn, and enjoy the game of soccer. Unfortunately, we are seeing more incidents of racially-charged, offensive, hurtful, and inappropriate language/actions than in the past. We have observed an increase in the overall level of hostility and disrespect during some BAYS games in recent seasons. This is concerning. 

We hope that by emphasizing RESPECT, we can improve the game environment by removing disrespectful and discriminatory language, boost the FUN quotient for the kids and all involved, and return to playing “The Beautiful Game." 

Here is the link to the entire REPECT Campagin on the BAYS website under Current Season. In order for this campagin to be successfull everyone needs to actively be involved. On the BAYS wesite we have outlined the RESPECT Campaign asks for:

  • Clubs 
  • Coaches
  • Parents / Gaurdians 
  • Players 
  • Refrees

Pleare review the expectations of this campaign with your coaches, players, parents / gaurdians, and referees. Together we can ensure a postive, safe, and FUN environment for our players, coaches, referees, clubs, parents, and fans. The reading of the RESPECT statement prior to all BAYS games should assit in helping set the stage for each match. Thank you in advance for spreading the RESPECT Campagin message and expectations. 

Have a great weekend and see you on the pitch in a few weeks. 

Reg Wilcox
President, BAYS
[email protected]