Congratulations: Dedham Varsity Soccer

The 2022 Dedham Varsity Soccer seasons have reached the final whistle. The Dedham Boys and Girls Soccer teams both won their division, their league, their section and made it to the Division 3 State Championship Games.  

This is nothing short of INCREDIBLE

The dedication to the sport, to school, to friendships, to each other has culminated to an epic season. 

This is nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY

These players have played as a Family.  The Parents/Friends have bonded as a Family. The Youth of Dedham Soccer have been Inspired.

This is nothing short of AMAZING

These runs at a State Championship were everything these players have been training for since they were in grade school or earlier.

This is nothing short of SPECTACULAR

Despite how the outcome ended up, these seasons/players will still go down as the one of the greatest in Dedham School history.  Thank you Coaches, Players, Parents, and Friends. We are all PROUD

Dedham Soccer on 3…!

-Paul Yandrisevits (DYS President)