Referee Information

Calling all prospective referees!  We would love to have more refs for the 2023 season.  Make some money, put something interesting on your college application, get some exercise and have a lot of fun!  Here are the details:


 All the information needed to become a soccer referee can be found on the Mass State Referee Committee website which is  There you will find a list of Zoom courses prospective referees need to take.  New referees would need to take the “Grassroots entry referee” course.  This cost $115 but DYS will reimburse parents for the cost of that course if the referee referees at least 5 DYS games.  All the additional courses or requirements are free.  In addition to that initial grassroots course, a prospective will need to take 2 additional courses or modules including an “on-field” one.  This on-field course is in person—not zoom—at various locations around the state.  These on-field courses tend to fill up as soon as they are posted on the massref website.  All the courses have a 2 hour length.  Prospective referees also have to take and pass a 50 question multiple-choice exam online on the massref website.  In addition, prospective referees have to take the free Intro to Healthy and Safe Playing Environments course on the US Soccer website.  This course takes less than a half hour to complete.  After completing those 5 requirements, the prospective referee will receive his or her 2023 patch and be certified on the massref website for 2023 games.  All referees must recertify each year.

BAYS has increased referee pay for the spring season and is considering further increases because of the shortage of referees.  Here are the current BAYS referee pay rates:

7v7 referee              $35

9v9 referee $45, 9v9 AR  $30

8th grade referee $55, 8th grade AR $35

In addition, DYS has a referee bonus program allowing referees to earn extra money for serving as a referee or AR in our games. Working 2 games a Saturday for the 10 week season would earn most referees $800 including the bonus. Referees are also eligible to work club games for even higher rates if they choose.