DYS Fall 2023 Tryouts



Hello DYS Parents,

Tryouts are coming up over the next couple of weeks.  Reminder for parents to sign up players and Register for the FALL 2023 season and the Tryout (Registration is now open at www.dedhamsoccer.com).  Registration is Madatory for Tryouts.  We have sent the drills that they will be doing for tryouts to the clinicians so that they can practice them the week prior at their Clinic session.  PLEASE MAKE SURE TO REGISTER FOR YOUR CHILD'S GRADE IN THE FALL 2023 SEASON

Please arrive 20 mins prior to check in and warm up

Age Groups/Dates/Location

Rising 4th Graders:● Monday, May 15 @ Pool Field●

Girls: 5:15 ● Boys: 6:30

Rising 3rd Graders● Tuesday, May 16th @ Pool Field●

Boys: 5:15 ● Girls: 6:30 

Rising 5th Graders:● Wed, May 17 @ Pool Field●

Boys: 5:15 ● Girls: 6:30 

Rising 6th graders:● May 12 @ Gonzalez●

Girls: 5:15 ● Boys: 6:30 

Rising 7th and 8th Graders● Thursday, May 18 @ Gonzalez●

Girls: 5:15 ● Boys: 6:30 

Tryouts are held by Challenger Clinicians and NOT by DYS coaches or staff to keep the information impartial.  Tryouts are only part of the process in determing teams for the fall season, as DYS also uses coache's evaluations from during the spring season.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

DYS on 3...!

Paul Yandrisevits

Dedham Soccer President