This Saturday and Sunday, May 13 & 14, are BAYS Spring 2023 REFEREE APPRECIATION DAYS!

This is part of our RESPECT Campaign. 

Referees are a vital part of the game of soccer. They are the third team on the field.

  • We need referees. 
  • We need to take care of them. 
  • What would we do without them?

Referees show up EVERY week in all kinds of weather. 

Referees complete hours of training each year to earn their certification, and then at times have to put up with people who don't appreciate their work, even when they are doing a good job. They have no substitutes even on the best days. Organized soccer would not happen without dedicated referees. 

Referees deserve all our thanks! 

Here are some ideas of what you might do.

  • Thank the referees at the end of the game. Just thank them! 
  • A Thank-you Card from the team signed by the coaches, players and parents
  • Bring some snacks for referees (Munchkins, cookies, pizza, etc)
  • Teams could bring a gift card to a local establishment.
  • Teams can make a “Thank you Referees” banner.

Please send pictures for social media and email us about what you did: [email protected]

BAYS 2023 SEATBELT SATURDAY and SUNDAY Next Event - May 20/21

The BAYS Board of Directors designated two weekends this Spring 2023 season as Seatbelt Saturday and Sunday events. 

The next designated weekend for this event is May 20/21. We are asking you to support and participate in our efforts to help give the game back to the kids by just… 

Sitting down! 

Seatbelt Saturday and Sunday is an effort to create a better game environment for youth soccer, to enhance player development, and increase game enjoyment for all. It also helps players take more control of their own game by helping to promote communication between the players themselves.

What do we want CLUBS to do:

  • Share the BAYS Seatbelt Saturday and Sunday notice/link with your coaches, parents, players, and referees.
  • Enthusiastically promote these weekends within your club and make public and prominent the importance of its targeted goals.

What do we want COACHES to do:

  • Sit and watch the game! Actually sit on the bench or a chair.
  • Refrain from shouting tactical instructions, directions, reminders, suggestions or criticisms to the players on the field.
  • Support the referees by not making negative comments or gestures.
  • Use the opportunity to coach and engage with the substitutes who are watching the game with you on the team sidelines. This is a great time for them to learn more about the game from you.
  • Encourage your players to communicate with their teammates throughout the game.
  • Please Note: It is not the referee’s role to enforce that teams participate in this Seatbelt initiative. 

What do we want PARENTS and SPECTATORS to do:

  • During the run of play, just sit down and watch your children play their soccer game.
  • Limit vocal comments to positive general statements of player and team support without mentioning any player names.
  • Make no negative comments about anything that happens during the game. 
  • Revel in the kids playing a game they enjoy!

What do we want PLAYERS to do:

  • Communicate with your teammates!
  • Take back control of your game.
  • Make decisions about your game without interference from coaches or spectators.

What do we want REFEREES to do:

  • Focus on confidently calling your game and making decisions with the decrease in verbal noise from coaches and spectators.
  • Consider providing players in younger grades with more verbal explanations about your calls to help them learn about the game.
  • Please Note: It is not the referee’s role to enforce that teams participate in this Seatbelt initiative. 

We hope that these simple actions result in a better and more enjoyable game environment for EVERYONE, but particularly for the players and referees.

This information can also be found on the BAYS website at:  https://bays.org/content/seatbelt-saturday-and-sunday-overview

We hope that you enjoy the experience. 

The entire BAYS community thanks you for your support and participation in the upcoming Referee Appreciation and Seatbelt Saturday and Sunday events.

Gratefully yours,

Jeremy Solomons and Gesse Faber, BAYS Referee Co-Directors

Reg Wilcox, BAYS President