THANK YOU to the DYS Soccer Board, Volunteers, Coaches, Parents, and Players

THANK YOU to the DYS Soccer Board, Volunteers, Coaches, Parents, and Players


As the final whistle blows on the 2023 Soccer Season, I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all the hard work of the Dedham Soccer Family, Friends, Players, Coaches, and Board members.


With that being said, as of December 31st, 2023, I will be resigning as the Dedham Soccer President. I want to thank everyone for the amazing memories over the last ~ 5 to 6 years (12 Seasons) while humbly serving as the Dedham Soccer President.  Since my sons first started kicking a soccer ball (in kindergarten!), I have been a coach for both and a member of the DYS board going on 9 years.

It has been a very fulfilling experience and I have enjoyed my time leading this great organization; however, I do not intend to just walk away, and I will continue to help on the board, just not as President. I am proud of what has happened over the last 6+ years and we have accomplished much, but there are still more opportunities for this program to grow. 


As I take this moment to reflect on my time with our remarkable soccer community, I find myself filled with immense gratitude and appreciation.  Myself and the entire board have served with eagerness, dedication, and passion.


To the Soccer Board:

Your dedication and tireless efforts in steering the organization towards excellence have been truly commendable. Your vision and commitment have laid the foundation for a thriving soccer program. I am grateful for the opportunities and the full support throughout my journey here.


To the Volunteers:

Your selfless contributions have been the backbone of our success. Your willingness to give your time, often behind the scenes, does not go unnoticed. The passion you bring to the field and your commitment are inspiring.


To the Coaches:

Your guidance, mentorship, and passion for the game have shaped not just soccer players but individuals. Your commitment to the values of teamwork, discipline, community, and sportsmanship transcends the field, leaving a lasting impact on each player's life.


To the Parents:

Your unwavering support, encouragement, and involvement have been crucial to the success of the program.  Your dedication to your children's development in both soccer and life skills has been instrumental in creating a positive environment.


To the Players:

You are the heart and soul of our soccer community. Your enthusiasm, determination, and hard work on the field have been a constant source of pride and inspiration. Watching you grow, learn, and excel has been the highlight of my experience.


It has been an incredible privilege to be a part of this AMAZING Dedham Soccer Community, working alongside each of you. The memories created, the bonds formed, and the lessons learned will forever stay with me. I am deeply grateful for the support, camaraderie, and shared love for the beautiful game of soccer.

A few of the great accomplishments over the last few years include:

  • Cleat Swap Program
  • 1000+ Players
  • 160+ Coaches
  • DYS Night at REVS grown to over 500+ attending
  • Winter Training introduced
  • Certification courses for Coaches
  • Flag Day Parade
  • DYS Night At DHS- Over 1000+ spectators and lasting memories for Varsity players
  • SoccerWeen for Town program
  • Soccer Goals installed at all Dedham Elementary Schools
  • 8th grade Soccer sweatshirt gifts
  • DHS Seniors- Autographed players team ball compliments of DYS
  • Coaches- Thank you gift every season
  • Grade level training
  • Goalie Clinics
  • DYS Newsletters, Web, FB communication
  • DYS Magnets and Stickers- Love seeing them all over Massachusetts and beyond
  • Revs players autograph sessions
  • Pizza parties for Travel teams
  • Gonzalez snack stand
  • HS player involvement and assistant coaches


Wishing the entire soccer community continued success and happiness both on and off the field.  Please consider volunteering and supporting the program that brings joy to these kids of Dedham.


I will be passing the President duties on to Danielle Littee (current 2023 DYS Secretary and board member).   Any questions please reach out to her at 


With sincere appreciation,


-Paul Yandrisevits

DYS Former President


Say it with me one last time…

Dedham Soccer on 3…!