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  • MA Youth Soccer
    A Youth Soccer education conducts youth coaching licensing courses year round. 

    The courses are taught by Massachusetts Youth Soccer State Coaches and Instructional Staff Coaches. Beyond some of the finest coaching instruction in the country, coaches receive training materials and an opportunity to work, learn and improve as coaches among peers.

    The Courses are organized in a progressive format so that instruction relates to specific age groups and leads up to the US Soccer Federation National coaching schools for the C, B, and A license.

    Although there aren’t field or written tests in the G, F or E courses, each involves several hours of activity. To get the most out of each course, participation in the practical, active sessions is strongly encouraged, but is not required. These light soccer activities make up approximately one half of each course. The exception to this is the On-Line G course.  There is no physical activity on your part, but there is a short quiz at the conclusion of the course that you must pass in order to receive the G License certificate.  

    G License Course - 4-hour course for U6 / U8 / U10 age group coaches
    F License Course - 8-hour course for U8 / U10 / U12 age group coaches
    E License Course - 16-hour course for U10 / U12 / U14

    MA Youth Soccer Education Website


    The NSCAA offers a comprehensive yet focused curriculum inclusive of all coaches at all levels of the game.  Their staff coaches approach all participants in NSCAA Coaching Education programs as colleagues with whom we share the coaching journey. NSCAA Coaching Academy offerings are geared toward enhancing the development of the broadest cross-section of youth coaches. You may enroll in a course geared to the level of player you coach. 
    NSCAA Website


  • US Youth Soccer
    US Youth Soccer website