Dedham Youth Soccer Player Evaluations and Team Selection Process 


As part of our Player and Coach Development Program, Dedham Youth Soccer (DYS) is using the following process by which Travel Teams will be constructed each Season.  In order to provide multiple data points to assist in the evaluation and placement of players, DYS will collect the following information during each season: 


  1. Input from current coaches.  Each current Grade 3 through Grade 8 coach will be required to provide an assessment of the players on his/her team related to soccer skill, competency, athleticism, and overall performance.  Other information/comments will be included in this evaluation (e.g., attendance, attitude, strengths).
  2. Input from the DYS Clinician:  The DYS Clinician will perform skill training with our current Grade 3 through Grade 8 players during the Spring season.  At the conclusion of the season, the Clinician will provide DYS with assessments of the players from a skill perspective.
  3. Tryouts for Incoming 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th Grade Players.  DYS will hold tryouts for players who will be incoming 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th grade in during the spring season.  The tryouts will be evaluated by independent Non-DYS affiliated evaluators.  


Once this information has been collected, DYS will work with our Directors and Travel Coaches to review all pieces of evaluation data and appropriately place players on rosters for the Fall Travel season. 


Coach Selection Process


In accordance with the Dedham Youth Soccer Curriculum, DYS is intent on improving the overall level of coaching in the Program through education, mentoring, and evaluation.  As a Board, we have agreed to begin offering in-house coaching education, fund State licensing courses for all our coaches, and offer mentoring for new coaches that seek assistance.  As part of this overall improvement process, DYS will begin tracking the progress of individual coaches to provide input for the selection of Coaches.  Coaches will be evaluated and assigned teams based on experience, participation, history, and licensing/training.


DYS Participates in the Following Age Groups


  • Girl and Boy Grade 3
  • Girl and Boy Grade 4
  • Girl and Boy Grade 5
  • Girl and Boy Grade 6
  • Girl and Boy Grade 8
  • Girl and Boy Grade 10 Spring Only
  • Girl and Boy Grade 12 Spring Only




The spring soccer season sometimes means that DYS needs to make some changes to teams. The switch from fall to spring usually results in a slight drop in registrations. When this situation occurs team consolidations will sometimes happen. Though this can be a hassle and players may feel they are being moved based on ability that is not the case. We try to ensure the fewest number of players change teams as possible. These changes are made only to ensure we have enough players on each team, and that each player is placed as close to their skill level as possible. If for some reason your child is part of a consolidated team and you have questions, please feel free to email us  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thanks for your co-operation, understanding, and support of Dedham Youth Soccer.