Opening Day/Week 1 games are in the books

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To the Dedham Soccer Community,
Opening Day/Week 1 games are in the books (for most, I  know some travel games will need to be rescheduled)- woo hoo! The energy and excitement for the start of the season at Rustcraft and on the Home Fields for Travel was incredible!
Looking forward to having a great Week 2, here are some quick notes to be mindful about:

  • Positivity, all around! Players, Referees and Coaches all need to hear positive words of encouragement, clapping hands- please keep negative comments to yourself.   If you have a question or feedback about the game, please reach out after the game to the coaches. Introduce yourself and say thank you to them for volunteering. Please do not approach Referees directly as we adhere to the Zero Tolerance Policy. Instead, give your feedback to the Coaches who can funnel your feedback to the Referee's Directors. 
  • Keeping Fields clean- We had a great pre-Season clean up event on all of our fields so let's continue to each do our part to look at sidelines after games and make sure we grab what we came with and throw out trash in one of the many trash cans around the fields.
  • Restrooms- for now, just the porto-potty in side Parking Lot- We want to share that the availabilty of the Restrooms by the Concession Stand are out of the control of Dedham Soccer as they are managed by the Town Parks and Rec Department. Due to the inconsistency in temperature recently, the Town could not safely turn on the water, but we are hopeful that this will happen by week 3, latest. 

Looking forward to a great rest of the season!
Dedham on ...3!

DYS President
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